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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

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The kelly is used to transmit rotary motion from the rotary table or kelly bushing to the drillstring, while allowing the drillstring to be lowered or raised during rotation. The kelly goes through the kelly bushing, which is driven by the rotary table. The kelly bushing has an inside profile matching the kelly''s outside profile (either square or hexagonal), but with slightly larger …

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The Maxtra Cord Slim Hole Rotary Hose is meant for heavy duty and flexible purposes for the rotary drilling work overs available in abrasion resistant synthetic rubber tubes. The Powerkat Mud Line and Kelly Hose are made of seamless synthetic rubber. Fluid parts contain high tensile steel wires and are weather and oil resistant.

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Kelly Hose (Mud Hose or Rotary Hose) Covers. Our Kelly Hose cover is a smaller, simpler version of the service loop cover. The cover wraps the full hose length to cushion and protect the rubber skin. We can also manufacture a larger cover to bundle the Kelly spinner lines. Additionally, our covers protect personnel and reduce any clean-up

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9.2.3: The Circulation System. Print. The circulation system on the rig is the system that allows for circulation of the Drilling Fluid or Mud down through the hollow drill string and up through the annular space between the drill string and wellbore. It is a continuous system of pumps, distribution lines, storage tanks, storage pits, and


The price of oil rigs for land drilling in the U.S. typically starts at around $18 million to $20 million and rises to around $25 million, but it can be near twice that amount depending on the specific rig purchased. What are the components of a drilling rig? 1. Mud tank 2. Shale shakers 3. Suction line (mud pump) 4. Mud pump 5. Motor or power source 6. Hose 7. Draw-works 8. Standpipe …

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24/12/2021· It has a maximum O.D. of 0.358 inches where the old 3/i& inch hose was 0.523 inches O.D. The O.D. of the new 3/is inch hose compares very closely to the old Vb inch hose which is 0.334 inches. The new 3Iis inch hose allows the hose bundle to be all 3Ii6 inch hoses and have a smaller diameter than a mixed hose bundle formerly did.

What is standpipe in drilling?

18/2/2020· 4.3/5 (489 Views . 16 Votes) A rig standpipe is a solid metal pipe attached to the side of a drilling rig''s that is a part of its drilling mud system. It is used to conduct drilling fluid from the mud pumps to the kelly hose. Bull plugs, pressure transducers and valves are found on the rig standpipe. Click to see full answer.

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World Rig Supply: We are a leading supplier of High Pressure Hoses, Rotary hose, Choke and kill hoses, Flexible pipe & flow line products as well as hard to find Oilfield supplies, choke lines, flow line products all at competitive prices.With same day quote and fast delivery we have been supplying a demanding worldwide oil and gas market with flexible hoses, oilfield supplies, …

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API-7K Certified Hose. The rotary drilling hose is suitable for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the swivel which can move vertically. It resists corrosion of hydrogen sulfide and can deliver water, oil, mud high‐pressure media.Working pressure from 3500 PSI to 15000 PSI,dimension from 2” to 6”,for the tube type,there are three kinds available,NBR,HNBR

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You will be able to identify, learn and recognize the different parts of an Oil Drilling Rig such as: Mud tank, Shale shakers, Mud pumps, Power source, Vibrating hose, Drawworks, Standpipe, Kelly hose, Traveling block, Drill line, Crown block, , Stand pipe, Swivel, Kelly drive, Rotary table, Drill floor, Bell nipple, Blowout preventer (BOP), Pipe & blind ram, Drill string, …

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Kelly hose – safety lines, clamps, shock hoses 23.19 37. Rigging up – signals, rigging, tag lines, loion of worker, winching 23.21 38. Horizontal static line & walkway when is laid down 11.2 39. Steep slopes – engineering, written plan, snubbing & yo-yoing 4.3, 23.23(2) 40. Roads – comply with OHSR – Part 26 23.24 41. Size of work area – emergency response, loads, safely


The air hoist cable had become entangled with the kelly hose safety clamp during the replacement of the inner bushings. The movement of the traveling block and top drive put an undetermined amount of force on the cable and anchor post which was not designed for load bearing purposes thus breaking the post from the rig floor and striking the IP.

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26/12/2017· Drilling fluid (i.e. mud) goes from the mud pits to main rig pumps (i.e. mud pump), and then major components including surface piping, standpipe, kelly hose, swivel, kelly, drill pipe, drill collar, bit nozzles, the various annular geometries (annulus means space between drill pipe and hole) of the open hole and casing strings, flow line, mud control equipment, mud … Conventional Rotary Rig or Rotary Table Rig or

A conventional rotary rig or rotary table rig or kelly drive rig is a drilling rig where the rotation of the drill string and bit is applied from a rotary table on the rig floor. The conventional rotary rig was the most common rig used during the past century (1900s) and is the drilling rig that you are probably most familiar with from old movies and documentaries. A schematic of a

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operation, such as on floating offshore rigs , cyclic bending stresses have caused fatigu e failures at the last engaged thread b etween the end connection and the hose coupling when such threads are of the pressure-sealing type, such as line pipe threads specified by API Spec 5B. Therefore, the user should consider alternatives to the use of line pipe threads to join the end …

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Fire Resistant hose Particularly suited to oil rig firewater lines Data Sheets are available on Pirtekwebsite "oil and gas" tab. 21. bbbb Bulk Rig Supply Hose Bulk20bar 60mtrs 102, 127nb Fuel & oil Based Mud 20/34/37/40 bar 60mtrs 51, 76, 102, 127, 152, 203nb Air 20/40/80 bar 60mtrs 51, 76, 102nb 80 to 160o Celsius Potable Water 20 bar 60/120 mtrs 76, 102nb Fuel …

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Photo about Oil Drilling with Top Drive, Drill Pipe, Kelly Hose For Oil and Gas Exploration. Image of dolly, spinning, technical - 28834914

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• land oil rig hoses and couplings • petrochemical industries hoses and couplings Strong points: • ABS Type Approved hoses Supertop upe Teflex omega Thunderflex Avio Global LPG/CORD/EN 1762:2003/D Genova Global Bassi Offshore is able to offer a full range of OCIMF 1991 - GMPHOM 2009 single carcass and double carcass hoses, including enary and …

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KELLY SYSTEM : On some rigs , A Kelly, a Kelly Drive Bushing, a Master Bushing and a Rotary Table rotate the drill string and bit . Below the swivel is loed a very strong , heavy square or hexagonal steel pipe called as the Kelly which is 40 – 54 feet long. Kelly goes through a fitting called as the Kelly bushing/drive bushing and Kelly


17/12/2021· Kelly Hoses: Kellys: Kelly Spinners , Kelly Valves Manifolds , Well Head: Manual Tongs: Mud Pump Suction Hoses: Mud Screens & shale shakers: Oil Rig : Oilfield Pumps , Slush: Pump Joints: Pressure Transmitters Quincy Air Compressors: Reamers: Ring Joint Gaskets: Roller Chains: Rotary Drilling Jar: Rotary Hoses: Rotary Slips: Rotary Table

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The carries the weight of the drill string, holds the crown block (Fig. 2.4), and holds pipe upright on Kelly drive rigs. The motive force for the lifting systems is the draw works which have a limited ability to store wireline. Excess wireline is stored in a spool off the dead line anchor, so if the rig needs to change from running one joint at a time to running several joints at a

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19/5/2001· Accident: 200040475 - Employee Struck And Killed By Kelly Hose Accident: 200040475 -- Report ID: 0653510 -- Event Date: 05/19/2001. Inspection Open Date SIC Establishment Name; 303405427: 05/30/2001: 1381: Patterson Uti Drilling Company: Employee #1 was working on an oil rig while the rig was being dismantled (rigging down). Employee #1 …

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kelly hose. 1. n. [Drilling] A large-diameter (3- to 5-in inside diameter ), high- pressure flexible line used to connect the standpipe to the swivel. This flexible piping arrangement permits the kelly (and, in turn, the drillstring and bit) to be raised or lowered while drilling fluid is …

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OILFIELD. Despite the severe demands of today’s drilling industry, downtime, leaks, and mistakes are not an option. That’s why we engineer our premium land and offshore drilling, tank trunk, and fracking oilfield appliion hoses and asselies with cutting-edge technology, and test each component against the most stringent standards in the industry.

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23/2/2015· Do not allow oil to collect on the rig floor or in the cellar. Do not block fire extinguishers. Do not block emergency exit routes. Keep the BOPs and cellar washed down and keep cellars jetted down. Keep all trash and miscellaneous parts from under sub-structure. Keep all excess pipe, connections etc., in a rack, not under or spread around the rig. Keep the water …

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Kelly hose for drilling rig system. Kelly hose is used to connect the standpipe to the swivel. It allows the drill string to be raised and lowered while the drill fluid is pumped through it. Kelly line usually contains two layers of plated steel cables to reach 5000 psi operating pressure. Inside tube is made of special NBR to improve abrasion and corrosion capability. Rubber cover is

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Answer (1 of 2): REL Drill is a Manufacturers & Exporters of Rotary Drilling Rig Machine. Rotary Blasthole Drilling Rigs are mainly used in mining at quarries & constructions sites. It is a Crawler Mounted, Hydraulically Operated, and Rugged Crawlers. Rotary Drilling Rigs are …

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Kelly hose (#9) is a flexible, high pressure hose that connects the standpipe to the kelly (or more specifically to the gooseneck on the swivel above the kelly) and allows free vertical movement of the kelly, while facilitating the flow of the drilling fluid through the system and down the drill string.

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Download Oil Rig Drilling 3D and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Know about the different systems of Oil Rig: Power, Hoisting, Rotary, Circulation and BOP system. The high quality of the graphs let you to understand in detail the different parts that compound every system by walking along the drilling loion including the drilling floor.

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The cutting or boring element used in drilling oil and gas wells. Most bits used in rotary drilling are roller -cone bits. The bit consists of the cutting elements and the circulating element. The circulating element permits the passage of drilling fluid and uses the hydraulic force of the fluid stream to improve drilling rates. € Drill Collar A heavy, thick-walled tube, usually steel, used