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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

viton epdm hose for fuel

RaceFlux Lightweight Hose for Fuel and Oil

RaceFlux''s RH1 lightweight racing hose is 33% lighter than stainless braided hose and much easier to assele and work with. This 4-layer hose is SAE J30 R9 rated and features a Viton Fluoroelastomer (FKM) inner layer for compatibility with nearly all automotive fluids including fuel, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, coolants, water, air and vacuum.

VITON Lined Silicone Hose,Fluorosilicone Fuel Hose

Chemical Resistant | Fluorosilicone Lined Hose | Fluororubber (VITON) Lined Silicone Hose. SUNRISE has developed a process for manufacturing Viton-lined silicone hoses for industrial purpose. The Viton-lining is fuel resistant as well as offering excellent chemical resistance. A maximum temperature rating of 250°C is possible by using a high

Silicone Hoses with Non-Conductive FKM/Viton® Liner

Shore Auto Rubber is offering Silicone Hoses with Non-Conductive FKM/Viton® Liner. Non-Conductive Appliions, for e.g. Energy Sector. Oil-resistant FKM/Viton® liner in “ Green “ color (in order to be non-conductive) Oil-resistance is needed as these hoses are usually used for the “used-oil draining”.

Viton (ethanol-resistant) fuel hose | The RD LC Crazy UK 2

11/6/2020· Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the only type of rubber widely available that is fully resistant to ethanol is Viton (also known as FKM). All other types in common use (nitrile, EPDM, Buna-N) are affected to a greater or lesser degree by ethanol in fuel. I''ve just ordered a metre of 6mm i.d. x 8mm o.d. Viton hose from this ebay

Low pressure extrusion rubber hose,EPDM rubber hose

Contact Us:[email protected] Our extruded rubber hoses such as fuel hose,water hose,air hose are mainly used in engine system,cooling system,fuel system,disel System,etc.we can custom profiles and a variety of standard shapes to meet your requirement. please feel free to contact us for more details:[email protected] , [email protected]

DupontPerformance Polymers Industrial & Energy Markets

Fuel/Biofuels X Lubricants X X X Purity (low extractable) Low permeation X X FDA & European Equivalents Pressure X Polar solvents X X X Steam X X X X X Food & Pharma Acid X X Base X X X High temp. X X Low temp. X X X X Explosive Decompression Chemical & Processing Industry Transportation – Non Auto Requirements Oil & Gas. 5/20/2010 4 Vamac ®®®®& …

Need Help!!! Tygon vs Viton - RCU Forums

1/2/2012· Tygon vs Viton. I have been using Viton exclusively in 7 gas planes for over 2 years now, will never use Tygon again. No need to replu the fuel system every year as I had to do with Tygon. Get mine from McMaster Carr sku 5119K4 1/8 in ID, 1/4 OD, 1/16" Wall Black. Not cheap though, last order was $3.85 per foot.

Viton vs. Polyurethane fuel hoses - TDIClub Forums

16/8/2006· The polyurethane hose sold at mcmaster carr is a different formulation from the fuel line. Its a softer lower temp hose. Buy only the harder deep blue high temp polyurethane fuel hose. I''ve been running it on my car without a problem, as well as some others'' who I''ve installed it for. Even the injector lines too, although its not a perfect fit (takes 1/8" ID hose, and its a bit …

Nitrile vs Viton® - What is the Difference? | Polymax Blog

5/2/2016· Viton® Rubber. Temperature: Viton® seals can withstand temperatures up between -20 ° C to 210 ° C. Viton® seals are prone to failure below -15 ° C in dynamic appliions, as they become inflexible and hard. General Suitability: Viton® is best suited for diverse sealing jobs that require high temperature and chemical resistance

High Temperature Fluoroelastomer Hose (Like Viton® Hose

Our Grade A High Temperature Fluoroelastomer Hose (same material used in Viton hose) is intended for biodiesel appliions, but can be used in many other various appliions. It is 100% compatible with B100 (100% biodiesel). Please check chemical compatibility charts for Type A hose if you intend to use other corrosive fluids. The 20% Fluoroelastomer hose is compatible …

Low pressure extrusion rubber hose,EPDM rubber hose

Other Rubber parts. Our extruded rubber hoses such as fuel hose,water hose,air hose are mainly used in engine system,cooling system,fuel system,disel System,etc.we can custom profiles and a variety of standard shapes to meet your requirement. please feel free to contact us for more details:[email protected] , [email protected] View :

EPDM, Vamac, Nitrile Rubber (NBR) Hose | Artel Rubber

EPDM Hose. EPDM rubber (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) The most common use is in Automotive is for Cooling System circuit hoses where water pumps, thermostats, EGR valves, EGR coolers, heaters, oil coolers, radiators and degas bottles as well as charge air tubing on turbocharged engines. Vamac ® Vamac ® (Ethylene Acrylic Elastomers) Vamac ® is used in …

6709 - Viton® Rubber Tubing | PAR Group

6346 - UHMW Chemical Delivery Hose ; 6347 - EPDM Chemical Suction and Delivery Hose ; 6348 - EPDM Chemical Delivery Hose ; Dairy Washdown Hose . 6315 - Blue Dairy Washdown Hose ; 6316 - Blue Dairy Washdown Steam Hose ; Material Handling Hose . 6330 - Medium Duty Shotblast Hose ; 6331 - Heavy Duty Shotblast Hose ; 6332 - Grout Delivery Hose

Viton or EDPM Rubber Sheeting: What''s the Difference?

12/11/2019· Viton is a fluoropolymer and EPDM is derived from ethylene and propylene. The result is a contrast in two important properties—chemical resistance and temperature tolerances—between the two materials. Knowing the mechanical properties of the two will help consumers select the right material to meet their appliion needs.

Rubber XLPE, UHMWP, PTFE, Viton, & EPDM Chemical Hose

Rubber XLPE, UHMWP, PTFE, Viton, & EPDM Chemical Hose - CHM. Chemical hose appliions have specialized requirements including material compatibility, assely manufacturing procedures and testing & certifiion. These are critical appliions products. Call us for help with your specific appliion. NL4010 is a cost effective chemical

Viton® Fluoroelastomer Tubing | McMaster-Carr

Made of resilient Viton® fluoroelastomer, this tubing has what it takes to stand up to high temperatures. Soft and flexible, it is commonly used in appliions requiring movement, such as metering (peristaltic) pumps and robotics. Tubing has the chemical resistance to handle hydraulic fluid, acids, and other harsh substances. It is opaque, so you cannot see inside the line to …

Why Viton? - Orange Seal

25/9/2020· In the automotive industry you will more find these in gaskets, seals, o-rings, fuel hoses, and tubing. Beyond this, there are plenty of other parts in many industries that have FKM to be much more superior due its power UV exposure. Viton vs. Other Materials. Viton vs Nitrile - Nitrile or NBR or Buna-N is a general all purpose cost effective rubber material that has a …

Biofuels are aggressive with elastomers; Viton can

The aggressive, contaminated fuel attacks hydrocarbon rubbers such as nitrile rubber, widely used in fuel handling hose, gaskets and seals 6. Ethanol-containing fuels pose the challenge of permeation, particularly to nitrile rubbers. Excessive permeation increases volatile emissions and loses valuable fuel. Resistance Of Viton FKM Fluorocarbon To Biofuels . From its introduction …

China 1/4" ID Biodiesel Fuel Line FKM Fluoroelastomer Hose

China 1/4" ID Biodiesel Fuel Line FKM Fluoroelastomer Hose Chemical Resistant Tubing Electric Peristaltic Pump Fluorine Rubber Tubing Viton Tube, Find details about China Chemical Viton Tube, Chemical Resistant Viton Tube from 1/4" ID Biodiesel Fuel Line FKM Fluoroelastomer Hose Chemical Resistant Tubing Electric Peristaltic Pump Fluorine Rubber …

Viton Rubber Tube

Viton® is the most specified Fluoroelastomer rubber for fuel system seals, hoses, o- rings, and gaskets as well as many other uses. Viton® has excellent temperature resistance (up to 400℉) and offers a wide range of fluid and chemical resistance to oils, lubricants, and fuels. Colors Available: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Brown, and White.

Polymer Products, Industrial Rubber Products - Rekson

Welcome to Rekson. Rekson Rubber & Polymer Technologies is the one-stop-shop solution of silicone & viton rubber products including Silicone Tubes, Hoses, FBD inflatable Gaskets, Orings, Moulded Rubber Gaskets, Extruded Rubber Gaskets, Sponge Gaskets, Rubber Door Gaskets, Tri-clover Gaskets, Autoclave Gasket etc.,. We have successfully developed several Pharma …

Nonmetallic Materials: Viton vs EPDM | The Breiner Company

Like Viton, EPDM performs well in both high- and low-temperature situations, though it best functions at a different temperature range than Viton, with an effective operating temperature range of -45°C to 145°C (-49°F to 293°F). So, while EPDM can withstand colder temperatures than Viton, it cannot withstand hotter temperatures than its counterpart. EPDM offers …

Fuel Hose & Line | Supercheap Auto Australia

Compare RSP Fuel Hose - 3 / 16 inch, Per Metre 104891. Select another one or two products to compare. You can compare up to three products. Compare products You have selected three products. Compare products Mackay Mackay Fuel Hose - 9.5mm, 1.5m $17.99 ^ (3) Check my fit. Add To Cart. Delivered to you. Pick up today. Compare Mackay …


Viton® - Agressive Chemical Tubing Viton for a NBR, red for a EPDM hose type, yellow with a white stripe for the Food Grade NBRF and green for Hypalon® or CSM. PRINT COLOUR TEMPERATURE PRESSURE CELSIUS FARENHEIT bar PSI NR Most common hose for all market segments is the Natural Rubber (NR) hose. Both the liner and cover are made from …

NEXSYN™ EPDM/TPV Tubing, Series 714 | Australia & New Zealand

Nexsyn EPDM/TPV Tubing is designed for transfer of air, beverages, food, mild chemicals, sanitary products and potable water in appliions to 180°F and 40 psi, Series 714 . Technical Specifiions. Appliion: Fuel Line; Specifiions Met: FDA, ANSI/NSF 61; Tube Material: EPDM/TPV; Tube Outside Diameter: 9.5 - 31.8 mm, 3/8 - 1-1/4 inch; Tube Inside Diameter: …

Silicone Hoses Lined With FKM (Viton®) | Shore Auto Rubber

In our earlier blogs in July, we showcased why FKM/Viton® lined hoses are superior to Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) liner hoses, and We also provided test-data to support the above claim after ageing long-term at 230 deg C and 270 deg C The exhaust gases that get circulated back into the cylinders, dilute the oxygen coming through the air intake, thereby reduced peak in …

Industrial Viton Tube - Megaflex

Industrial Viton® Tubing has the same all round chemical and temperature performance as our Peristaltic Grade but is produced in a harder formulation rubber not intended for use in peristaltic pumps. Viton® is a remarkable material which coines outstanding chemical and temperature resistance with excellent flexibility. Our Viton® tube is resistant to concentrated acids and …

Performance of Vamac®and Viton® in Sealing Appliions

• `Others –Viton®, Vamac® Non-Auto Trans • Hoses -Viton®, Vamac® • O-rings, gaskets – Viton®, Vamac® • Others -Viton®, Vamac® Fuel Systems • Filler line and filler neck hose and covers –Viton®, Vamac® • O-rings and gaskets –Viton® • Injector O-rings –Viton® • Fuel sender seals –Viton® • Fuel cap seals

Shopping Online VITON Lined Silicone Hose,Professional

Buy high quality VITON Lined Silicone Hose at siliconehose-china. Sunrise Silicone Hose Co.,Limited Has a huge selection of VITON Lined Silicone Hose. Contact us now!

Biodiesel Viton® Like Fuel Line Hose - Fluoroelastomer

The fluoroelastomer fuel line hose is rated to handle temperatures up to 400° F which makes it an ideal hose to use for waste vegetable oil (wvo) appliions as well! When converting a diesel vehicle to run on 100% Biodiesel, it''s always a good idea to swap out all of the rubber fuel lines with Biodiesel compatible hose. Our B100 Fuel Line