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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

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Camlock Fittings Specifiions

25/2/2005· EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) is a type of synthetic rubber that is used in many appliions.. EPDM is an M-Class rubber under ASTM standard D-1418; the M class comprises elastomers having a saturated chain of the polyethylene type (the M deriving from the more correct term polymethylene). EPDM is made from ethylene, propylene, …


Precision Hose & Expansion Joints is one of a very few American companies that manufacture a complete line of metal hose, wire braid, round metal expansion joints, metallic flue duct expansion joints, non-metallic flue duct expansion joints and rubber pressure piping expansion joints. With over 65 years of being in the metal hose and expansion joint business–dating back to the …

Relative Roughness of Pipe | Calculation | nuclear-power

Determine the friction factor (f D) for fluid flow in a pipe of 700mm in diameter that has the Reynolds nuer of 50 000 000 and an absolute roughness of 0.035 mm. . Solution: The relative roughness is equal to ε = 0.035 / 700 = 5 x 10-5.Using the Moody Chart, a Reynolds nuer of 50 000 000 intersects the curve corresponding to a relative roughness of 5 x 10-5 at a friction …

Flow Losses in Flexible Hose. - Louisiana State University

This dissertation has boon microfilmed exactly as received 67—14,008 RILEY, Kenneth Lloyd, 1941- FLOW LOSSES IN FLEXIBLE HOSE. Louisiana State University and Agricultural and

Hosecraft USA PTFE Hoses of Every Style

This smooth bore FEP hose with its smooth EPDM rubber cover is easy to handle and resists abrasion and chemical attack while it facilitates easy cleanability. FlexChem series hose is available in white FEP or a PTFE conductive black liner where electrostatic dissipation is required. The FEP liner can be factory flared through: flanges; sanitary fittings; male and cams. …

How can i find the relative roughness of fire hose

21/6/2016· How can i find the relative roughness of fire hose? mrChikai (Industrial) (OP) 21 Jun 16 07:16. Below is the hose description Elastomeric lining, Synthetic fibre reinforcement and elastomeric coating on the reinforcement. with diameter 3 inch and length 30m thanks . RE: How can i find the relative roughness of fire hose? katmar (Chemical) 21 Jun 16 07:37. Search for …


Super-Flex GS hose is a versatile hose for many common industrial appliions. Markets: • Agriculture • Construction • General Industrial Features/Benefits: • Tube: Black EPDM for versatile and economical service to 212°F. • Reinforcement: …

Friction Factor - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Calculate the relative roughness (e/D) of the pipe by dividing the pipe absolute roughness by the inside diameter of the pipe. 3. Starting at the Reynolds nuer value on the horizontal axis of the Moody diagram, Figure 4.2, move vertically up to the relative roughness curve. Then move horizontally to the left and read the friction factor f on the vertical axis on the left. Example 4.8. …

Pipe Friction Factor Calculation

Canada — available in exclusive FDNY Spec with 1.88" inside diameter and heavier construction with a 1-year all hazards warranty. This reliable, double jacket fire hose is UL Listed *, tested to 600 and 800 psi and meets MIL-H-24606 latest edition for abrasion resistance. Features a 10-year warranty and lifetime liner delamination guarantee. DOUBLE JACKET ATTACK HOSE …

K+H Butterfly valve series 12400MH stainless steel 316L

316L stainless steel housing and valve disc. Polished, roughness value (Ra) less than 0.8 microns. Rubber seal made of EPDM. Construction. Two-piece housing and one-piece valve/one-piece spindle. Centred valve design. Designed with iglidurG bearing bushings. Welded connection in accordance with EN 10357 series A (DIN 11850 series 2).

RF, FF, RTJ Flange Face and Finish - Projectmaterials

20/9/2017· The outer diameter of the face retains the gasket. FLANGE FACE FINISH. To ensure that a flange mates with the gasket and the companion flange perfectly, some roughness is required on the flange surface area (RF and FF flange finish only). The type of roughness on the flange face surface defines the type of “flange face finish”. Common types are stock, …

Absolute Roughness of Pipe Material - Neutrium

19/5/2019· For use in calculating the friction factor the absolute roughness is divided by the pipe diameter resulting in the relative roughness. Absolute Roughness for Common Materials. This table contains typical values of absolute roughness for common construction materials. Material Roughness (mm) Drawn Tubing, Glass, Plastic: 0.0015-0.01: Drawn Brass, Copper, Stainless …

Large Diameter Epdm 2 3 4 Inch Flexible Roughness Rubber

Large Diameter Epdm 2 3 4 Inch Flexible Roughness Rubber Hose Fuel Line Pump Hose , Find Complete Details about Large Diameter Epdm 2 3 4 Inch Flexible Roughness Rubber Hose Fuel Line Pump Hose,Sae 30r10 Fuel Hose,Hose For Submersible Pump,Silicone Hose 8mm from Rubber Hoses Supplier or Manufacturer-Hebei Wanlitai Olive Pipe Co., Ltd.

DN Diametre Nominal and NPS Nominal Pipe Size Table

DN Diametre Nominal and NPS Nominal Pipe Size Table . Fluids Flow Design and Engineering. Metric Pipe Sizes Dn "Diametre Nominel" per ISO vs NPS "Nominal Pipe Size" Equivalent for DN 6 to DN 2200, NPS Schedule 5 to 30. Welded and Seamless PIpe. NPS. DN. OD in (mm) Wall Thickness Inches (mm) Sch 5S. Sch 5. Sch 10S . Sch 10. Sch 20. Sch 30. 1/8” 6. 0.404 …

Calculating Recommended Hose Diameter In A Hydraulic

28/10/2019· To find the right size hydraulic hose, the required flow diameter needs to be determined. Below are some guidelines for specific flow rates within the varying types of lines: Pressure lines – 25ft/sec or 7.62metre/sec. Return lines – 10ft/sec or 3.05metre/sec. Suction lines – 4ft/sec or 1.22metres/sec. If the flow velocity differs

AS568 O-Ring Size Chart | Standard USA O-Ring Sizes

O-Ring Size Chart - AS568 Standard O-Ring Sizes. Find AS568 o-ring standard sizes by cross section, inside diameter and outside diameter in our o-ring size chart and separate o-ring tolerance chart. Select a size to buy standard and custom o-rings from the world''s largest inventory network or custom orders can be made within a few weeks

Absolute Roughness

10/1/2016· Absolute roughness, abbreviated as \(\epsilon\) (Greek syol epsilon), is a measure of the roughness of the inside of a flowing pipe. It is used in conjunction with the inside diameter to calculate the friction factor using a Moody Diagram, the Reynolds Nuer and the Darcy-Weisbach Equation. Common values for the absolute roughness are listed below.

Heater Hose - Dayco

Constructed using all EPDM compounds and spiral reinforcement for high burst strength and an excellent heat resistance of -40°F (-40°C) to +257°F (+125°C). This black cover hose is similar to SAE 20R3, Class D-2, and is specifically designed to be compatible with all common coolants and coolant additives. NOT suitable for fuel or oil transfer.

EPDM 70, EPDM Rubber, EPDM Material, EPDM Properties

The EPDM properties that are listed below are for our most popular EPDM 70 durometer (70A) rubber material. If you need EPDM properties that are different than the ones shown in the chart below, we can reformulate the compound of the EPDM material so that the EPDM rubber specifiions suit your needs. Finding the correct material especially if you are using it for an …

Dayco - Radiator Hose - Flex Dayco®

Radiator Hose - Flex Dayco®. Designed for emergency alternative to molded curved radiator hose. Precision molded in standard lengths, Dayco’s Flex Radiator Hose is designed to replace straight or molded radiator hoses. The knitted reinforcement and synthetic EPDM construction meets SAE J20R4, Class D-2 requirements, preventing splitting

Absolute Pipe Roughness - EnggCyclopedia

Absolute roughness for PVC (ε) = 0.0015 mm. Pipe nominal diameter (D) = 3" = 76.2 mm. Relative roughness of 3" PVC pipe = ε/D = 0.0015 / 76.12 = 1.97 × 10 -5. Next this relative roughness value can be used to determine the friction factor to be used in Darcy''s equation for calculating the pressure drop across a pipe.

Absolute Roughness of Hoses? - Pipelines, Piping and …

15/10/2010· 14 Oct 10 16:59. Hi, I am currently calculating pressure losses through my oil circuit and would like to know if anyone has typical absolute roughness values to use for hydraulic hoses? I am using Aeroquip hoses -16 (1 inch) size. I read somewhere that 0.0001 feet is a conservative nuer to use?

Pipe Friction Loss Calculations

The friction loss results are only valid for fluids with a kinematic viscosity of 1.13 centistokes, where the velocity of flow is less than 10 feet per sec, and where the pipe diameter has a size greater than 2 inches. Notes: Water at 60° F (15.5° C) …

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Hose E-4 Hose Products Division Parker Hannifin Corporation Wickliffe, Ohio alog 4400 US Technical A B Fittings C Equipment D Accessories E Technical Hose Dash Size -04 -05 -06 -08 -10 -12 -16 -20 -24 -32 -40 -48

EPDM Rubber | Rubber-Cal Sheet Rubber Rolls

Another aspect of EPDM rubber which adds to its versatility is the range of gauges and sizes that it comes in. EPDM rubber sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses, including 1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”. A good rule of thu to follow when determining how thick your EPDM sheets should be is: the thicker the sheet, the more it can withstand.

Relative Roughness - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

The absolute roughness of 0.0018 in. is for aged pipe, but that is accepted in design practice because it is conservative. Flexible pipe is rougher than steel pipe and, therefore, requires a larger diameter for the same maximum rate. For a flexible pipe, the roughness is given by ɛ = ID/250.0 unless an alternative specifiion is given. The

What is Pressure Loss in Pipe - Friction Loss in Pipe

22/5/2019· Water at 20°C is pumped through a smooth 12-cm-diameter pipe 10 km long, at a flow rate of 75 m 3 /h.The inlet is fed by a pump at an absolute pressure of 2.4 MPa. The exit is at standard atmospheric pressure (101 kPa) and is 200 m higher.. Calculate the frictional head loss H f, and compare it to the velocity head of the flow v 2 /(2g).. Solution:

Hoses - Water Flow and Pressure Losses

Example - Water Flow through a Hose and Pressure Loss. 2 gpm (7.6 liter/min) flows through a 1/2" garden hose with length 82 feet (25 m). From the diagram above the pressure loss per 100 feet can be estimated to 5 psi. The pressure drop in the hose can be calculated as. (5 psi/100 ft) ( (80 ft) / (100 ft)) = 4 psi (0.28 bar)

EPDM Rubber Tubing - McMaster-Carr

Large-Diameter Soft Rubber Tubing for Chemicals. With a diameter of 2" or larger, this tubing has the girth to handle high volumes of acids and other harsh substances. Continuous-Flex Firm Plastic and Rubber Tubing for Food and Beverage. This tubing can handle continuous bending and flexing in appliions requiring movement, such as metering (peristaltic) pumps and …

Right-Size Your Hoses and Pipes To Reduce Pressure Drop in

19/10/2011· Roughness of pipe surface; Nuer of pipe bends; Velocity of flow ; Viscosity of fluid; The total allowable pressure drop of the hydraulic system must be chosen with care, as the power loss is a product of the system flow rate and pressure drop. This is an efficiency loss that has to be balanced against the cost of larger pipework/hoses and fittings. The wasted energy …